Sunday, October 25, 2009

Slowly getting it dirty.

This morning I went on the Club ride to St John's "Gildehaus" for the 48th Annual Sausage Festival. I was but one of the 3,877 diners served. They will have the 49th Annual Sausage Festival on Sunday October, 24 2010, so plan ahead.

After I was stuffed like a sausage I went my seperate way and explored some road's in the area that I had yet to ride, plus a few that I have.

The first and last photos were taken on Melrose Rd. The other two were taken on Grand Army Rd. Grand Army Rd. started out paved but quickly turned to gravel.

See you on the road.



cpa3485 said...

That' a great looking bike! Sounds like a really serious sausage festival. I think I would have enjoyed that.

682202 said...

Thanks, the bike has been a lot of fun in the short time I've had it.

The Sausage fest is a story unto it's self. They have been doing it for 48 years now so they have a system and they stick to it. The men do it all starting with live hogs to taking the trash out. They even raffle off a whole hog, it's in pen in the parking lot for inspection. GAW

bobskoot said...


You're putting me to shame. I'm thinking of getting a bucket of mud and fling some onto my V-strom.

You're right, I'm going to be rotating photos on my header. It's the only place where I am able to post photos larger than 640x480. thanks again for your help

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Mike said...


I just found your blog - I like it and nice choice on the new bike! I had the same itch earlier this year - congratulations. Thank you for adding me to your list...I'm honored.

I'm looking forward to following your adventures.