Sunday, January 24, 2010


First phalanges non-displaced fracture of the third digit.  Other wise known as a broken toe.  As with the last broken bone I acquired, there isn't much to be done with a broken toe, except to add a little wobble to your walk.

At this point you have to be asking your self how in the world does somebody break a toe?  What progression of failures must occur for a toe to be broken?
1.  Not wearing the proper protective gear.
2.  Lack of situational awareness.
(Not a complete list, just the highlights)
In-fact when my right 3rd digit slammed into the corner of the stair case, I was neither wearing the proper protective gear nor situationally aware of my surroundings.  I believe I was wearing a pair of socks and my skives.  I was also attempting to walk and talk at he same time, and everybody know that in it's self is a most dangerous activity that should be avoided at all cost.

Since that fateful moment one week ago I have vowed to fully embrace ATGATT.  My family on the other hand think I might be going off the deep end.  Eating, sleeping or just lounging around the house it's ATGATT!

See you on the road.


Mike said...

Gordon - I like that... you can't go wrong with ATGATT! Nice photos superimposed over the x-ray. Sorry about the toe fracture. Hope it mends soon.

682202 said...


Yes I believe that ATGATT will dramatically reduce my house hold injury's. I shall take it a bit easy for a while, no marathons or soccer games for the time being. Who knows I might even take up those activity's when the toe is healed. The ATGATT photos were take after a short ride, so the Toe won't slow me down to much.

The photo at the bottom was done using the collage function of picasa, a program I find most useful.

cpa3485 said...

Sorry to hear about the toe, but you turned it into a really funny post. Hope it heals soon. LOL

SonjaM said...

I wonder what ATTGAT in the john would look like. Sorry for the toe, but it made it into a hilarious post. Thank you for the smiles.

682202 said...

I didn't take into consideration the john until I after instituting ATGATT at home. I have since seen the error of my policy .

Thanks to all for checking out my toes. GAW

irondad said...

I tried the same thing. Ended up scaring the new grandson. Take a look at the last photo of this post.