Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Packing list: Fix and Repair

Updated 3/3/10.  While reading a Ride Report on ADVrider.com I came across this post (link), go about halfway down to see the photo off them fixing a tire, and it hit me Ground Cloth that's what I forgot, or at least one of the things I forgot.

Once I start down the path of planning a trip my brain just won't shut down.  Just to give you an idea of how fast the clock is spinning in my head I present to you the following list that spewed out of my head moments after routing a 3000 mile westward trip (Link) and a 2000 mile eastward trip (Link), more on that mileage in a later post.

Packing List:  Fix and Repair

Spares / Misc:
  • Fuse's.
  • Head light bulb.
  • Throttle cable (because I have one).
  • Clutch cable.
  • Tubes, front and rear.
  • Master link (for chain).
  • Key's, bike and any locks concealed on bike, accessible without tools or at most tank bag tools (see below).
  • Small spool of wire.
  • Duct tape, electrical tape.
  • Rags, towels.
  • Nylon straps.
  • Quart of oil.
  • JB Weld.
  • Zip ties, zip ties, zip ties, zip ties, zip ties, zip ties etc.
  • Ground cloth, X 2.  To keep from loosing those little bits and pieces your bike won't run without.
 Tire Repair:
  • Tubes see above.
  • Patch kit - patches, glue, cleaner.
  • Valve core.
  • Valve stem fish/tool.
  • Tire irons 2-3.
  • Axel wrench.
  • Support stand (bike has no center stand).
  • Air - compressor, CO2 or hand pump.
Tool Kit:
  • Mostly useless factory tool kit.
  • Metric wrenches.
  • Metric allen wrenches.
  • Pliers - needle nose, channel lock (med), locking and wire cutters.
  • Screw driver - phillips and sloted bits.
  • Metric adjustable wrench.
  • Volt meter & test light.
  • Flash light with extra battery's.
  • Chain breaker.
  • BFH, just in case...
Also in the Tank bag:
  • Multi-tool
  • Locking knife.
  • Flash light.
  • Cheaters, so I can see the tiny bits and pieces.
The worst part about this list is that I'm sure it is not complete.  I know that I won't need or use any of the items listed above during my 12 day 5000 mile adventure,  but I will most likely be in desperate need of the one thing not on the list, if only I knew what it was.

So am I obsessing,  right on par or crazy for traveling unprepared?  Do keep in mind that I will be traveling alone on the lesser traveled roads where people may be few and far between.

Now for something completely unrelated.

See you on the road.


bobskoot said...


As for cleaning the chain, there is lots of controversy on ADVrider. Some do and some don't. the key thing is to keep it lubed, but I don't think that sand is very good, being an abrasive. For cleaning, which I didn't show . . . I just use Kerosene. You can buy it cheap, up here around $10./gallon. I also use the kerosene to clean the alloy rims. It is inert so will not cause any damage to wheels or bodywork.
As for brand of lube, I have been using MOTUL. Because of the camera angle with Video I shot it from the side but I usually spray it from the rear, into the O-rings inside (on both sides) and let it soak in overnight.

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

682202 said...

I would only ask about Chain lube on ADVrider if I wanted to start war. I will keep the Kerosene in mind if I decide to Clean the chain. I don't know what Kerosene sells for around here but it has to be cheaper than $9-$10 for 20oz of spray can "Chain" Cleaner. Thanks GAW

Anonymous said...

If you are going to ride 5,000 miles take a can of WD 40 and lots of rags. Spray the wd 40 everywhere heavily on the chain and hold the rags (CAREFULLY) as you SLOWLY rotate the rear wheel. This will clean the chain reasonably well without carrying all the paraphenalia needed to brush kerosene on the chain.If you do it incautiously you will amputate a finger or two. I use a $35 Loobman oiler which has kept my chain lubricated like new for 36,000 miles though you do get some fling.
You don't know me (nor should you care to) but let me say that you need parts more than tools when away from home. If you don't know how to use the tool don't carry it. Get AAA Rv towing coverage, a plug kit for tubeless or a spare tube for tubed tires and carry spare underwear (sweaty underwear chafes and makes the ride unpleasant). The heavier the bike is loaded the more you will wear it down and the less pleaseant the ride will be. Break downs happen on badly maintained bikes, but I have done too much over thinking to spoil lots of trips. Good luck.

Gary France said...

Seeing your list of tire repair stuff, that got me thinking. When was the last time I got a puncture? I must be lucky, but I cannot remember having a puncture for about 15 years maybe? I am interested, how long has it been since others had one?

Gary’s USA Tour

682202 said...


The Loobman looks like a bargain at $47 in the AeroStich catalog when compared to the other chain oilers $100 to $180.

You also touched on a key subject, packing light. As hard as I try to pack light it just doesn't happen. This year things are going to be different this time, I just know it.


I have had 2 punctures, luckily both were noticed as I was leaving my garage so I wasn't stuck on the side of the road someplace. I have been carrying around a tire kit for many years and I would like to think that is why I haven't had to fix a tire on the road. This summer I will again lug the supplies to fix/replace a tube in hopes of not needing.


Gary France said...

2 days later, I got a puncture. Serves me right for mentioning it. It was in my car though....