Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tandem Scooter Racing!!

For the rest of the story head over to Jalopnk.

If you are unaware of Jalopnk, it's mostly about cars, but as you can see the occasional 2 wheeler shows up.



cpa3485 said...

That actually looks like a pretty fun time. Thanks, Art.

bobskoot said...


excellent video. I liked your assistant. I wanted to do time lapse video but I don't have that option. It seems that all the JVC's are able to do it. I was thinking of a timelapse riding video.

Looks like your bike is all prepped and ready for the road

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

682202 said...


Thanks for taking the time to watch the video. I used a Canon G9 for the time lapse, it has 2 options 1 frame/second or 1 frame/2seconds. I shot the video at 1f/2s and sped the playback of the footage up 2X. I have also been thinking about a time lapse riding video, specifically in the early evening after the sun has set. I have a vision of what it should look like, but getting it from my brain to the LCD is never easy...

The bike is pretty close, I have a few more items to do, but mainly I need to get my rear end use to the seat so that I can ride all day every day for 13 days in a row.