Sunday, December 12, 2010

Vintage motorcycle ad's.

I recently came into a large collection of photos and a small collection of 1972 magazines.  The photos present a huge undertaking, so I have chosen to take the easy route first and scan the car and motorcycle ads.

Looking at the photo above, I can only assume the rider and passenger were moments away from a ambulance ride given the wet conditions, tire quality (of 1972), the pivot points about to touch down and the sudden onset of power a 3 cylinder two-stroke engine has.  I'm also curios if this could be a action photo of a infamous blogger known to have had a Kawasaki two-stroke street bike?  If that were the case I'm sure they rode off into the sunset on the bike and not an ambulance...

If you are feeling nostalgic and wish to see a few more motorcycle and automobile ad's from 1972 you can watch the slide show below or visit my Picasa Album.
1970's car and motorcycle ads

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RichardM said...

Just looked at some of the scans and the sad thing is that I remember many driving many of those cars. And in retrospect, I wish I had picked some of them up.


682202 said...

Richard, can't say that I have driven many or any of them for that matter, but the Yamaha dirt bikes are not much different from 78'. My first car was a well used 73' VW super beetle, and in the next batch of scans will be a super beetle. I do have to say though that I kind of like the Subaru GL coupe in red with the black stripe and wheels, it could make for an interesting car with a modern power plant from say a WRX... to many project ideas, to little time.


Circle Blue said...

I owned both a Gremlin and a Subaru stationwagon in the 70's. Both were new and both cars served me well. Took the Subaru to Nova Scotia. It had 4wd and was a great car.

It was good to visit those memories.


cpa3485 said...

Enjoyed the photos.
Here's hoping you have a safe and wonderful holiday season.


Conchscooter said...

For some reaons I toyed with the idea of an Aermacchi 350 flat single, which was rebadged as a Harley in the US.I got seduced by more horsepower but I still have a hankering for that strange looking bike.

irondad said...

It's nice to think about, but not actually go back and ride some of my early bikes. We need to keep this old stuff alive!

By the way, in a Photoshop class I took recently we worked on scanning old photos and doing repairs. Scanning them as tiff files made them easier to work with. For whatever it's worth to you. Or not.

682202 said...


Glad you enjoyed the scans. Keep an eye out for snow drifts on your commute :)


682202 said...


I agree the Aermacchi 350 has a certain charm (??) to it, (or maybe it is the Dingo boots the rider is wearing)and I certainly wouldn't throw one from my garage.

Thanks for looking.

682202 said...


I agree with you, having put miles on a 69' MGC, 73' VW Super Beetle and a 80' 2 stroke yamaha (not unlike the pictured 72") They are fun to look at and maybe even drive/ride occasionally. For everyday I prefer modern transportation for there more usable horsepower, brakes and handling.

I seem to remember from a class some years ago that the TIFF is the better way to go for scanning images. When I get started on the mounds of old photos I may try to rejuvenate some in PS.