Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gateway BMW GS Challenge May, 2011 Update.

I'll keep this short and sweet...  I just wanted to share a couple of video's and some photos from the event.

I strapped my GoPro onto Bob Honz the Ringleader of this event when he took his R1200GSA around the Challenge time trial course.  Typical of Honz he finished in a very spectacular fashion.  See for your self.

I also put the GoPro on Adam, one of the guys from Gateway BMW while he rode his G650 XChallenge.  He was quite pumped at the end of his run.

Marilyn Roberts took a hard drive full of photos at the event including a couple of me you can see them all HERE.  Including this one of me in the mud-pit.
Me in the Mud-pit.  Photo by: Marilyn Roberts

That's it for now.
See you on the road.


RichardM said...

Thanks for posting the videos. These were taken using the chest harness? Looks like fun...

682202 said...

Yeah, the "Chesty". It works great, just takes a couple of seconds to swap out riders if you want. The images look better if you have a small wind screen or none at all. Fun it was.