Thursday, May 21, 2009


Content adj. 1. Satisfied. 2. Resigned to circumstances.

Satisfied: On the ride home from work this incredible feeling of Satisfaction always hits me head on about halfway home. My motorcycle has become an extension of me as we follow the road first left then right, again and again... When I'm riding my bike (sorry I never have given it a name) I can never see how I could replace it. The bike fits so well, either my behind has changed to fit the seat or the seat has changed to fit my behind. I know the familiarity with the motorcycle has a lot to do with the satisfied feeling, the motorcycle and I have shared many great adventures together. The majority of the miles racked up have just been myself, the motorcycle and the road, but the road is always changing not to be seen or felt again.

Resigned to circumstances: Some mornings on my ride to work I get lucky and only have to stop at 10 of the 40+ traffic lights, the rest of the mornings I make a lot more stops. I would have liked to post a photo of me in the morning traffic, but as my hands are busy (with clutch, gas & brake) and my brain is tied up tracking all of the enemy ships around me, there will be no photo. My morning commute (20 miles of no more than 45mph and 5 miles of freeway) is perfectly suited for a twist & go scooter in the 1/4 to 1/2 liter range, but I'm resigned to the fact a scooter is not in the book's this year. The Missus said a scooter was ok, if I sold the motorcycle. That's not an option, see above. If only more people needed what I'm selling...

The video is the last portion of my commute, enjoy. Warning 10 minutes!!

See you on the road.

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