Friday, July 2, 2010

1986 Yamaha SRX6, one more kick start fantasy.

This bike is the one that really gets me down deep.  Although it was produced from 1985-1997, It was only imported to the U.S. for one year, 1986 (for more info see WIKI).  Yamaha states that 19,000 SRX6's were sold in the U.S.  That means there has to be one out there with my name on it, right?

This particular bike listed on Cycle Trader is located in Chicago, just a short plane, train or car ride from home.  It has only 1900 miles on the clock, that's equivalent to one oil change...  The asking price of $2800 is probably not far from the original sticker price.  They claim the bike has not been modified in any way and still has the owners manual and original two keys.  If I had $2800 stashed away I would be making the trip to Chicago this weekend.

If only I was out riding what I have instead of sitting in front of a computer lusting after forbidden fruit! Arrrrrgh!  Only 3...I don't know, just to many weeks until two wheels.

See you on the road.

No, seriously this one really has me ready to pick the apple and accept the consequences.  How bad can it be?  It's all because my first bike was a Yamaha.


bobskoot said...


. . . and they would proably take $2,500. for it.

and RED is the fastest colour too

and you would have a spare, just in case

and such low miles,

and, and , and . .

Wet Coast Scootin

682202 said...


My brain keeps running through all the junk I have around the house, trying to decide what I could dump on eBay to raise the funds. I was once told that "one can never have to many motorcycles", so three would be a nice start.

Low miles, the sellers words not mine, "it's a Virgin"

If this bike is in the garage when the boss gets home next month I'm pretty sure I will be exiled from Eden on a permanent basis.


SonjaM said...

Nice! I can understand your yearning. I had an SR500 kick-starter thumper, and I am still missing it.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I had one of these back in '94....oh the memories.

Thanks for the posting the pic (found blog while doing an image search).

Anonymous said...

I own one of these. Bought it one year old with 2000km on it in 1987 when the original owner was told to sell it or move out. It is my second favorite bike of all time and though I have owned and sold many others this one is my baby. I would not sell it for under $5k today.