Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2003 Honda Ruckus, more kick start fantasy.

Another bike that I have a thing for buried deep in the gray matter.  This 2003 Honda Ruckus has one day left for bidding on eBay, currently the bid is up to $710 (reserve not met).  It only has 3500 miles on it and other than a dent on top of the front fender looks to be in excellent shape.  This Ruckus is located about 450 miles from my home, so I easily pick it up and be home in a day,  and I know it would be a lot easier to hide in the garage than a XT500.

The thing I like about the Honda Ruckus is the unlimited aftermarket customization options.  Oh yeah it's got a kick start also.

I'm getting restless and a slow day at work doesn't help.  I just got to keep from clicking the "Place Bid" button.

See you on the road.

UPDATE 7/2/10:
Final bid on eBay was for $830.00, a price I might have been willing to pay, but the reserve was not met so it didn't sell.  The seller might have done better if he had been more careful listing the Ruckus, it was listed under Motorcycles>Honda>Other VS Powersports>Scooters>Honda.  In the last month $830 is a bit high for a 2003 Ruckus on eBay, the only ones to sell have gone for around $700.


cpa3485 said...

Have a friend that has one. They are very fun little machines. He has since gravitated to a 650 Burgman.

bobskoot said...


sometimes I think that having a small scooter is better for the city, easier to park without getting a ticket.

the Ruckus is short on power. I have a Maxiscoot Kymco X500Ri but the insurance is too much so I have it parked right now. I also have a Vino 70cc which hasn't been started in 2 years, but I was thinking of dusting it off

Wet Coast Scootin

682202 said...


They look like fun. I would love to have one, but..


I think a Ruckus would be great in an urban area (with out big hills), As I live in the burbs the Ruckus wouldn't be very practical. The only way out of my hood leads to a four lane road posted for 45 mph. If I wanted to go anyplace other than the neighbors I would be placing my self in harms way. I think if the Ruckus had a 100 to 150cc engine it would be a great little ride. I really like the fact that you customize one as little or as much as you want.


bluekat said...

My husband has fallen for the honda ruckus. Every time he sees one he has to stop and look.

Have you placed that bid yet? :)

682202 said...


For better or worse I'm a procrastinator, so I will probably wait until it is over and think "DOH...I can't believe that's all it sold for!"