Saturday, June 19, 2010

Is it toast yet?

Getting some time behind the wheel of PEL-8 (Adobe Premier Elements 8), I just need to be out riding collecting raw data, but that will have to wait for now...  I shot the video and photos this morning and had it edited by lunch, but when I used PEL to upload directly to YouTube only the first 18 seconds of footage would get uploaded.  So I spent several hours trying to get it to work, so that I could save a step and a few minutes.  In the end I had to do it the old fashion way of first creating an MPEG and then uploading it to YouTube.  Next time I will just go straight to the old fashion way. 

The video pretty much follows my vision.  I have very complex mental visions of  how I want things to look, but when I try to output those visions to bytes I seem to be all thumbs.  I'm pleased how it came out, but  I need to work on in-out timing and transition of the still images.

As I said in the video I'm getting bored around the house (I have run out of constructive things to do) so I decided later in the day to go for a walk and take my camera's below are a couple of images that would appear unrelated to motorcycles, but are they?

The first couple of images are what I will call  poor man HDR images, one infrared (Canon G7) and one regular.  I used 5 images that were shoot 2 stops apart and were merged in PSE using Photomerge-Exposure.

The last image is a single exposure made  with the Lumix ZS3 in sunset mode.

So what makes these photos moto related?  Well after taking the photos I took a tumble down the river bank.  Probably because I was protecting my left arm, the rest of me feels kind of beat-up.  I guess I will try to be content with being bored around the house for a couple of more weeks, lest I pull another stunt...

See you on the road.


Gary France said...

You really are bored. I thought your video was.... very revealing! Or are the drugs they are giving you causing some weird side effects? Get well soon!

682202 said...


I wish I could blame it on the drugs. I shall do my best to fight off the boredom without hurting my self.