Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Six more weeks.

I had my check up for my clavicle fracture yesterday and was given 6 more weeks for it to heal completely.  If I'm really lucky it may be good in about 4 weeks, but I was told not to hold my breath.  The Doc says that a clavicle typically takes about 9 weeks to heal, which puts it out to Aug 2nd for me.  I guess the problem is that with a clavicle there is no way to completely immobilize it, and I can attest to that, it moves around quite a bite and can be very uncomfortable because of that movement.  There is the option for a plate bolted up surgically, but because my break didn't really fit the need for surgery I'm sure my Insurance would have passed on the bill to me.  So either way I would not be making a summer road trip, as it is the time just isn't there, and if I had had surgery I would probably have such a large medical bill that not only would I not be able to afford a road trip, I would probably only be able to eat stale bread and water for the next 5 years...

So for the rest of the summer I shall try to stay out of trouble and save my pennies for an even greater roadtrip in 2011.

See you on the road.


cpa3485 said...

Gotta be disappointing to not take a big trip this year. If you are like me, the soreness may last well beyond the 6 weeks, but then again, I am getting older.
Maybe a trip in the fall?
Premeditated Scootin'

bobskoot said...


Heal first, your health is most important, there will be time to ride, later . . .

always follow Doctor's orders for he knows best.

gives you more time for video editing.

Wet Coast Scootin

ps: perhaps Troubadour could take over your room, he posted that he could not find one for Saturday night

682202 said...


I suspect it will be sore for quite sometime, my toe that I broke the first of the year took about 3 months to feel sort of normal.

I would love to take a fall trip, but it probably won't happen. I have an unusual situation in that my wife and daughter spend the summer in Japan visiting the in-laws and going to school, leaving me to my own devices. They will return the middle of August just after I'm fully healed... No solo trips after that. GAW

682202 said...


I begrudgingly listen to my doctor's advice. I don't wish to re-injurer my clavicle, it is anything but fun. As I stated above I'm a bachelor for the summer and you can't imagine how many times a extra set of hands would have made life just a little less painful...

Now if only I could get some raw footage to edit without hurting my self. It will take some thinking.

I have not yet canceled my room in Bend so I'm more than willing to pass it on.


Richard Machida said...

Four weeks can seem like a long time. I had some surgery in the beginning of May and was told to limit any activity for five or six weeks. At five weeks on the dot, I started to take short rides again. It seemed like forever....

Sorry to hear that you won't be taking your long road trip this year. I was looking forward to meeting you.

682202 said...


I hope that when I get my next x-ray in 4 weeks I will be released, but I'm not making any plans. At the least I could then take a couple of long weekends for riding, before the family returns home. It's funny as time is both flying and standing still for me, Not being able to do the things I want makes the day drag by, but at the same time the return of my family and the end of my unrestricted riding time is fast approaching...

I was also looking forward to meeting everyone, It was an opportunity that doesn't come along very often.


Mike said...

Sorry about the long recovery time. I hope your back to almost normal in 4 weeks. It's too bad you can't make the trip either. Maybe you can make a Northwest trip next year!

682202 said...


I'm hoping to be good in 4 weeks, so that I can spend some time motion.

It's a missed opportunity for sure, but as I've been told many times, things happen for a reason, it just wasn't meant to be for me to travel this summer.

I hope that I will have the chance to travel next summer and the Northwest is certainly high on the list. I don't dare make to many plans until I know for certain that I will have the summer to myself. It won't be far from the surface though. Hopefully I'll I will be able to make it an even better road trip.


bobskoot said...


Next year, whenever you decide you can post up your plans and perhaps we could have another "meet" somewhere, someplace. I find the coast a little congested but love eastern Oregon or Palouse county, WA. I try to pick a different road each time. so far I love Hwy 395 Abert Rim near the CA border, or Hell's Canyon area.

take care and get better soon

Wet Coast Scootin