Sunday, July 12, 2009

Road Trip 2009 Day 5

I believe on a trip like this you have to have a day to test your fortitude to have fun. Today was that day.

1. The first gas stop of the day. You must pre-pay before you pump. They have one pump that takes CC's and 6 that don't. You have to leave your CC with the clerk along with the other six...NOT.

2. Breakfast wasn't terrible, not great either. The service was slow and forgetful.

3. Taking a gravel road, that in hind sight I shouldn't have, I had to stop for people standing in the middle of the road. The bike stopped for 1 nano second then took off backwards (very steep road). It finally stopped moving when it and I were only 12 inch's from tumbling 10ft into a fast running creek, and the bike was laying on it's side. I would have taken a photo of it laying there but the people I had to stop for were freaking out.

4. Not that long after putting the bike back on two wheels, the rain came, but this time it brought it's good friends Thunder, Lighting and Hail. Not terribly big but it still stung when it hit a soft part.

5. At 10,000 feet thunder is much louder, and scares the sh@t out of you, when you are putting on your rain gloves.

6. Falling out of your chair in your motel room still sucks, even though nobody else saw it.

7. The restaurant you want to eat at is closed on Sundays. But Supper at the back-up was very good, so not to bad a day.

See you on the road.

Road Trip 2009 Highlights

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