Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lost Creek Road.

I have been lurking on for awhile and I've seen Lost Creek Road mentioned a few times on the Missouri Thread. Here is a quote from one of the post's about Lost Creek Road " should probably take someone familiar for your first ride down there.." - ThumperDRZ

I found out a couple of days ago I would have Saturday morning to my self, so a plan was hatched...

The Plan: Head west from home to Washington, MO and cross over to the north side of the Missouri River. Then start a series of north then south gravel roads inter-connected with tarmac. Once (if) the gravel roads have been completed I would cross to the south side of the Missouri river at Herman, MO and work my east to home.

The first gravel road was Charette Creek Rd. Lots of thick lose gravel was the theme of the day. Charette Creek Rd. had several low water crossings and if memory serves me a couple of small rocky crossings.

Charette Creek Rd.

Next was Dry Fork Rd, Howards Branch Rd, and Sellen Schutter Rd, all pretty mild.

Lost Creek Rd. the road the above quote referes to was next.

Lost Creek looks pretty tame on the GPS.

Lost Creek looks OK from this view also.

The Creek is no longer Lost. The Road is really over there somewhere.
Should I or shouldn't I?

I did it.

After I conquered Lost Creek it was a breeze down Massas Creek Rd.

Massas Creek Rd.

At the end of the day I made it home unscathed, but very tired. I don't believe I have ever worked so hard riding a motorcycle before. I did learn a few things though.
  1. The road on the other side of the creek will never be the same. Hard packed gravel on one side and 12 inch's of sand the other.
  2. If it's hunting season there will be hunters on 4-wheelers using both sides of the road.
  3. The narrower the road the more likely you will meet someone in the largest possible truck.
  4. Knobbie's are in my future.
  5. I need a stronger skid plate. I didn't bottom out, but did have plenty of large rocks strike my plastic skid plate.
See You on the road.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another weekend...

Another weekend, another sausage festival. Mostly paved, but lightly sprinkled with a couple of gravel roads.
North Klondike Rd in Randolph County, IL.

County Rd 950 in Perry County, MO

See you on the road.