Monday, December 5, 2011

eBay Buy, Fly and Ride.

Way back in September I posted a short video about making room in the garage, but do to computer issues I was never able to bring you the rest of the story, until today that is.

No matter how unlikely you think it is that you will win an auction, only place a bid if you are prepared to pay.  I did just that,  I can't really tell you what was going through my head when I set up auction sniper to bid on this scooter.  There was about 12 or 15 hours left until the end and the price was incredibly low.  So I set up sniper to bid one increment (about $50) 6 seconds prior to the end of the auction.  The next day to my surprise I read the email stating I had won it at a price well below the going average.

The worst part was knowing I would not only have to tell my wife that I bought a scooter with out consulting her, but that it was located about 1000 miles from home in Charlottesville, VA.  It turned out she was much more accepting than I thought she would be.

So I'm currently the owner of 3 bikes, my latest seen in the video above is a:  2009 Kymco Xciting 250Ri,  it had just around 1500 miles on the clock when I bought it.  It's not the ideal bike for me on a cross country trip as I'm just to tall, you may have noticed my knees almost touching my hands in the video, but for the 10 miles on suburban streets that is my daily commute it is just about perfect, plus it gets 70mpg.

I have to say the folks at Jarman's Sportcycles were very gracious,  considering what I paid for the scooter.  The sales man even picked me up at the airport.  A lot of less reputable dealers would have just told me it was a mistake and not completed the deal.

See you on the road.