Monday, November 14, 2011

The Seven Day Challenge. Bike a day for Seven days.

After much thought I have been able to put together a list and accept the Challenge.

I shall not give the bikes a certain day of the week as you just never know when the need will arise.

I will begin with my wish list and end with my current rides.

Bike One:  Honda Z50 Monkey or a CT70, I Just can't make up my mind.

Or the CT70

Bike 2:  1986 Yamaha SRX6, the high school fantasy that I should have bought.

Bike 3:  1960's BMW R25, 26 or 27.  White or Black, doesn't really matter.

Bike 4:  1996 Ducati M900 Monster,  If the dealer had done test rides I might of bought it...  A 2011 Monster 796 in satin silver would also do.

Now for my Current bikes, as I could never part with them.

Bike 5:  The newest in the garage, 2009 Kymco Xciting R250i.

Bike 6:  Lets get dirty, 2009 BMW G650X Country.  It deserved more than a 3 year run...

Bike 7:  Last but by no means least.  1996 BMW R850r.  Every time I ride the bike I'm reminded of just how much I love it.  It's not perfect and maybe that's why I love it so, or maybe it's just that my body is so familiar with it.

I get the thought every so often that I don't really need 3 bikes and that I should sell it, but a short ride later those thoughts are distant memory's.

I like a lot of bikes, but none stick in my mind like these.

See you on the road.

P.S.  All Photos from Internet other than the last three.