Monday, August 23, 2010

The Score is even, 1 and 1.

Not much to talk about lately, my family returned from and extended stay abroad recently and they have kept me busy.  Until today that is.  Today was my day off, the little one had school and my better half had plans.  I was off to ride the Creeks of Warren County with my Trusty GoPro HD Hero.  It was a Great day of riding, I put about 200 miles on the clock mostly on gravel and I shot 16 GB of HD footage half a 60 fps.  Well I filled up the 16 GB card but I only thought it was HD footage.  Turns out I shot 1200 5mp images 2 seconds apart and I found the main weakness of the GoPro HD Hero, it's archaic menu system.  Even though I studied the user guide the night before my ride I some how messed up when trying to change from 720p @ 30fps to 720p @ 60fps.  So until I can sort through all the images (should make an interesting time-lapse) I leave you with a teaser of 3 consecutive images shot at 2 second intervals, enjoy.  I guess I found the second flaw in the GoPro HD Hero, it's numbering system!  I have 5 sets of images all with the same number!


It's called SLIME... and it's slippy, very slippy.