Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gateway BMW Open House

From Gateway Open House 9_11_2010
Gateway BMW, my local (and the Greatest) BMW dealer had a Open House this weekend, and as they always do, they put on a pretty good show.  Quite the spread of food and drink, the homemade cookies and pie are to die for...  Discounts galore, test rides and door prize's ( I never seem to win anything).  They also had entertainment this year in the form of Chris Teach McNeil, the U.S. Champion Freestyle rider.  Chris just happens to ride BMW motorcycles.  He sure looks like he has fun doing it too.  Oh, just in case you didn't know he has a day job!  He's a Latin teacher...  His web-site says he is a former teacher, but he told us that he now has a couple of employee's who drive his truck around the country and he just fly's in for the shows, that way he can continue to teach.

I thought this would be the time I walked away without spending any money, but it just can't be done.  I bought a chain cleaning brush, maybe you will see it in a future post.  I hope to upload Part 2 of the video by Monday night, so check back on my YouTube Channel.

See You on the Road.